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Window By Anand Roy 
This short story was written for a piece of homework that I submitted which had to include a situation like this.

The window was too high up for me. Even while standing on my tattered bed I could not see what lay upon the other side of the jagged grey wall. The window was 2 feet in length each side making it a flawless square which had been inserted into the wall with great ease.

Some light came in through the window but that too was reduced by the weighty forceful steel bars crossing from one side to another. Bone chilling cold air rushed in through the open window. Howling winds felt more intense as time went on, soon it was hard to tell when one day started and another had ended.

I has been some time since I had been thrown in here like a bag of garbage that I have lost count. The last time I saw my friends was an unforgettable vision. They were being hauled away aggressively from my reach and I could not even help them or even say goodbye to them for the last time.

I had promised my sister all this would not happen, but now I realise that all my assurances meant nothing but jumble of pointless words. Tears ran down my eyes each time I saw her bracelet in my rough torn hands. A sudden shot blew faintly on the other side and that’s when I knew it was over. I knew she would be safe now; no one could possibly harm her anymore.

With one last bit of hope I soared up and grabbed the cold steel bars with my bare bloody hands and felt my heart stop as I saw the last person who was left in my family fall to the ground dead in front of me.  

The world seemed to slow drastically. As I turned around and walked towards the heavy doors I knew that all hope was lost. I was next…    

Stuck In A Forest Of Doom! By Anand Roy/ Edited By Niliofer Sen
I had written this for a challenge coming a fair 3rd place out of 27...

We never wanted this to happen. We were only here for a stupid new species of plant that could supposedly end our constant demand for crude oil. I was only here for the pay and for the respect given by each of the members. As a child everyone used to bully me about every action I took, but now they can look up to me and say that the actions that I took while were correct and got me to a good achievement in life. If it was not for our map navigator we would not be lost in this jungle.

The team and I searched for hours on end trying to figure out a path were we could get out of this Jungle. The atmosphere was thick and the smell of strong scents filled our lungs to the brim. The tall tree looked down at us and whispered to each other silently as they swayed in the dense air. Our team could barely survive because of the lack of food. I had a satellite phone but I could not reach help even though if I called for a helicopter to pick us up because the pilot could not see us due the trees mammoth height. Very little sun light reached the jungle floor even at midday when the sun was blistering hot. We camped for the night worried if we could ever make it out of this hellhole.

A sound woke me up suddenly it was a strange sound. There it was again, it sounded menacing. I looked at my watch which I stuck onto the inside top of the tent with some sticky tack I found. Suddenly a large ripping noise filled the air. I quickly unzipped my tent and gazed into the darkness, everything seemed to look perfect except the loud rustling in the trees above. Zipping the tent back up I realised that beside my tent something like liquid had fallen, I gave no serious thought to it because I was too weary to think,

I got up the next morning hearing a thunderous scream. I sprinted out of the tent to see the matter. There was a dead corpse lying beside a tent, a closer look identified that the navigator was brutally ripped to death. His tent was deformed with tear marks. Blood reached up to my tent. The salty taste of blood was mixed with the air creating an atrocious odour. We were now extremely petrified from the horrors we have seen. I said that whatever happened, it can strike again so we better move on and find a way out of this jungle.

The group and I ventured on through the jungle avoiding dangerous snakes, startling spiders and other wonders of the undergrowth. I accidently tripped up over a vine which was completely invisible in the vegetation. Swiftly I threw myself up and carried on with the group. We were all tired and hungry, there was no food left except some water to drink which we rationed between each other.

The noises from last night kept haunting me hours after hours. All of a sudden, the strange noise came back; it was the noise of pure evil. I quickly turned around and out of the corner of one eye I spotted something. It was hard describe, it was like nothing I have never seen before. The only thing I remember was its red bulging eyes staring at me; the eyes were thirsty for blood. I carried on without saying anything else to the group. Every step I took I could feel I was being watched.

We were now all out off water and food but we were still edger to find some. One of the group members spotted a small stream beside a thorn bush. Without thought, we rushed to the stream as fast as we could and filled the bottle to the top. I ripped a bit of my shirt and placed it over the mouth of the bottle to filter dirt out. We all drank our stomach’s full. A team member told us to carry on while he used the toilet behind the tree. The rest of us carried on for two more minutes following the stream downhill, our coach told us if we were lost, we should follow a stream downhill, there will probably civilisation there. I looked back to see if the person who needed the toilet was behind us. There was nothing, I told the rest of the group to wait for the other guy.

After a few minutes I looked at the stream for no particular reason. I was shocked. The stream was scarlet red; I took a closer look and poked my finger into the water. Blood, it was fresh blood. We ran back to the area were we left him and saw him there torn to bits. Red blood drained from his body parts and ran into the river. It was truly a revolting sight.

The only people left in the group now were two group members and I. We were desperate now. The only thing that was on our minds was to run and just get out of this strange place.  All of us sprinted across the lush vegetation. I did not realise that I was ahead of the group. I unexpectedly looked back. The other two were gone; they must have taken a different route I thought. I smelt an odour of rotting corpses from behind me, it was the creature.  Luckily I saw light ahead of me; I was relieved that it was a clearing. Without warning the creature behind me flung his claws at my back tearing my flesh. I went on with fear pounding my heart. Something stopped the creature, maybe the light. But I was safe now I had reached the clearing and was able to signal for help.  I had survived the longest journey of my life; a journey that I never wished to make again.

Apartment By Anand Roy
This short story was written during a headache, I understand that this story is not "very" good. I would sincerely accept any improvements that the viewers of this website will give. 

Feeling existed was the only feeling that would occur if you are in the apartment of a famous robber, well that’s what Sir Martin Brandon believed. But tonight I was feeling more than excitement tonight in the apartment of David Korlangee the biggest drug lord in LA.

The phone rang silently in the distance. One, two, three and it stopped. Slowly a loud click noise shot through the air and went into recorded messages. I walked closer to the phone and suddenly a crackly voice echoed through the apartment. The horrible demon voice spat out the words saying

‘Dave where are you at this time of day?’ a long stop occurred before the voice talked again.

‘Hey I know how to get the code, reply back soon on a safe line, I don’t want to say too much now.’ I sighed in disappointment hoping I could have gotten a single bit of clue.

Looking around a few more minutes I noticed a small photograph under a blank piece of paper. It was David King in his late 20’s which was well over a decade ago. He had a face of a brute and thick muscle like arms being held by a tight T-shirt which was straining under the tension. Thick eye brows gazed over his dreary brown eyes. A long deep inserted scar ran down the side of his face making it evident that he had once been in a terrible accident. I quickly stuffed the hideous photo in my pocket of my thick black thermal wear given by the security team.

Continuing my search in hope of finding something the main door to the apartment opened, I quickly dived behind the cream leather sofa eager to find out if the person had seen me or not. Only metres away from me now he took out his gun sensing that someone was in the room. I scuttled low behind the sofa and tried to roll under the desk hidden behind the large drapes.

Suddenly I realised while searching for evidence I threw some papers on the floor to make room and now those papers made a loud crunching noise under my foot. I turned back hoping that he would not see me but sadly I was millimetres away from the barrel of a fully loaded Berretta…